Video-chat kiosk connects doctors with patients in Kamloops

Medview MD kiosks are available at Kipp Mallery Pharmacy and Kleo’s Pharmacy.


Patients can drop in to MedviewMD for visits, but they are also encouraged to make appointments. Patients who visit the studio are registered, then assessed by a registered practical nurse (RPN) in an examination room connected by telemedicine to a nurse practitioner at another site.


The patient is examined by the nurse practitioner by telemedicine, with the aid of stethoscopes and otiscopes, and other devices RPNs use to transfer images to the NP at the other end. If needed, the NP can link the patient and RPN in Sudbury with a doctor at another location.


Nead says it’s a new and increasingly common way of doing medicine. His company also has patient studios in North Bay and Espanola, and is in the process of opening several more in British Columbia and Alberta.

How Telemedicine Is Transforming Health Care

The revolution is finally here—raising a host of questions for regulators, providers, insurers and patients.


As a measure of how rapidly telemedicine is spreading, consider: More than 15 million Americans received some kind of medical care remotely last year, according to the American Telemedicine Association, a trade group, which expects those numbers to grow by 30% this year.